Swim Manager

Swim Manager help to simplify Swimming, FinSwimming and ParaSwimming Events by developing Application.

For Online Registration simply download and install Registration List for Windows.

For Event Management simply use Meet Manager Pro for Windows to handle Registration and Results Data.

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tools to manage Online Registration and Event Manegement System

Registration List

Registration List is an application that help  manage Online Registration for Swimming and FinSwimming Event include ParaSwimming. With Team and Athlete management system.

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Meet Manager Pro

Meet Manager Pro is an application that help manage Swimming and FinSwimming Event include ParaSwimming. With Team, Athlete and Record management system and custom Age Group profile. This Application support Prelim and Final event and you can create Meet Program easily with single click.
Meet Manager Pro can handle several Timing System, so you can manage Result Data automatically and easily. Score Board view is supported, multiple Score Board Skin option is available to use.

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Slider below explain how to entry Online Registration with Registration List for Windows